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Why Our Costumers Trust Us?

After Sales Service

After Sales Service

We believe that Sales is not the end so we provide additional services to increase our customers satisfaction.

Constant Quality

Constant Quality

To assurance our customers of our quality through time, we save our quality in constant.

What Our Customers Desires

What Our Customers Desires

We create our flavor based on our customers need, so we can widen our horizons through different areas.


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Our laboratories help us to create, formulate and test our new flavors to make the best out of those.



We started our story about 25 years ago as a trade company expert in flavors. After a few years we got Dragaco deputation for the first time in Iran. In 2011 Dragaco joint with H & R and established Symrise company, we were their first agency in Middle East and their first production line in Asia. After 15 years we decided to stand on our feet, so we started our own company under the name of Kimiyagar Aryan Essance. For the last 5 years we tried to get evolved and our results prove that we are on right tracks. More that 300 costumers, more than 200 registered flavors and export to 6 countries are our proofs..

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